Andrea Trace is not shy.

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A Penny For Your Thoughts Gallery Show

A Penny For Your Thoughts can be viewed as both a tribute to artist/instructor Mary Wood and a continuing conversation between teacher and students. Using Mary's teachings and her final paintings as jumping off points, the group show consists of works that reference loss and remembrance, gratitude and grief. The show spans the wide range of media and styles embraced by Wood and the work she inspired in her students.

The artists in Seven Pennies: The Group are Catherine Cadieux, Charlene Codner, Darlene Hassall, Emilia Perri, Andrea Trace, Dorothy Visentin and Debra Wilde.

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North Meets South Gallery Show

North Meets South Artists meet other artists: in workshops and classes, in art spaces and on gallery committees. North Meets South is such a collective of friends and instructors, with a history of showing together, learning together and enjoying one another's work. This eclectic group of artists has created a varied and unique show with fully abstract pieces, semi-representational works and everything in between using oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.

Southern artists: Terry Gardner, Marg O'Flanagan-Byerley, Steve Rose. Northern artists: Carol Gregg, Darlene Hassall, Linda Jenetti, Emilia Perri, Jane Richmond, Andrea Trace, Freda Wrench.

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"Tell Me More," she said...

He called himself Arturo but that meant nothing. He was in fact, more of a liquid character with many names, and a wardrobe filled with velvet blazers.
After weeks of intense literary exchanges, hand holding and rock climbing, she felt an unquiet snake stir in her belly. It was just time to go.
The opinion common to most of their acquaintances is that the memories will generate a few guitar-driven folk songs, and perhaps a painting or two. From two such cynics, if the affaire yields even one love song, it's gravy.